Monday, August 7, 2017

This is Post 291: Happy Anniversary!

Today, the 7th of August at 11:39 most local time I made my first post here. It's now a little over 10 years later. If I was more well prepared I would have made this post at 11:39 but in keeping with the whole "I don't really have any schedule for these posts" vibe this blog has it's a bit later then that.

But yeah. 10 years later, 3 blog names & a little under 300 post later here we are.

so... The Year of Anniversaries: how's that going? well... you should be able to see that it's not. I might get one of those ideas for a post out. I might not. The Year of Anniversaries might go the way of the 2020 project: announced but undone.

who knows. I know this is much of a anniversary post but I ever year I always seem to forget which day the anniversary is on. I know it's early August but never which day. so we get this.

Here is to another 10 years of sporadic postings!

Stay Jazzy, Everybody!

- Brian

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